Using 3D you can see better!

In Germany approx. 250,000 patients per year suffer from a stroke. Around 63,000 die as a consequence. Alongside a heart attack, it is the most common cause of death in Germany and Europe.

The cause of the stroke is, in 30,000 cases, a constriction of the carotid artery as a result of arteriosclerosis, which has usually existed for many years before the stroke happens.

The ideal early detection and diagnosis of the risk of stroke requires avant-garde technology. For the first time we can now use real-time 3D ultrasound technology. This allows the affected blood vessels to be shown in three dimensions - allowing us to virtually "walk" through the carotid artery. The real-time 3D technology is the new, key dimension in vascular diagnosis.

As this technology is still very new, there is currently no invoicing code in the invoicing catalogue. As a result, the service can only initially be provided if the patient pays individually. This service is refunded by private health insurance companies.

The following video gives you an idea of the performance capability of the real-time 3D ultrasound technology.

Your individual stroke risk

Risk factors No Yes
1. Have you suffered from a stroke before?
2. Have you or a close relative suffered from a stroke?
3. Are you over the age of 60?
4. Do you exercise enough and regularly?
5. Are you often under stress?
6. Do you smoke?
7. Are you overweight?
8. Do you suffer from any of the following illnesses?    
    8.1 High blood pressure?
    8.2 Diabetes?
    8.3 Lipometabolic disorder?
    8.4 Cardiac arrhythmia?