The Seiter clinic in Stuttgart is a specialist clinical for vascular diseases. It exclusively deals with the treatment of hereditary and acquired vascular diseases, above all diseases of the venous system (varicose veins) and their effects.

Each year approx. 2,500 vascular operations are performed at the Seiter clinic. This makes it one of the leading specialist clinics for venous disorders in Germany. What makes the Seiter clinic special is the patient-orientated planning and the people-friendly atmosphere from registration to the follow-up care.

Operating procedures

At the Seiter clinic all operating procedures in modern venous surgery are used. Minimally-invasive, microsurgical operating techniques as well as new stent techniques using laser and radio waves.
A virtually scar-free, and the ideal functional result, with a minimum amount of time-off for the patient, is the joint goal of all the specialists.


The clinic has 14 beds in the in-patient area. The reception is not full of clinic machinery, but is a well-organised area with a personal atmosphere. The clinic area is set up to meet the professional requirements and can be easily forgotten despite the traditional images of the day-to-day work at the clinic. The clinic’s own organisation cares for each patient individually, as a challenging individual case.


In-patient treatment is invoiced in accordance with the nationally-valid DRG system. As a private specialist clinic, only private DRG fees are involved. The doctors’ fees are invoiced separately according to the German Medical Fee Schedule (GOÄ).