LYMPHEDEMA – Lymph drainage disturbance

The lymphatic vessels transport protein and liquids full of waste from the area of the tissue. Via the lymph nodes, which function as a filter station, this tissue fluid is directed into the vein system.  In the event of disorders to the lymph vascular system there is a back-flow of tissue fluid causing thick legs, mainly in the area of the ankle. This causes lymphedema.

Primary lymphedema

A lack of lymphatic vessels or their underdevelopment.

Secondary lymphedema (due to other illnesses)

  • Erysipelas
  • After thrombosis
  • In case of venous ulcers (ulcus cruris)

Treatment of lymphedema

The treatment of lymphedema takes a long time, normally it is necessary to treat it for the rest of the patient's life. The treatment plan consists of various measures which together usually lead to a satisfactory result.

Compression therapy
A core part of the treatment of lymphedema is compression therapy. Compression stockings and sleeves in the extremities help the drainage. Intermittent compression also helps (IPC or AIC). Treatment sleeves are used to exert mechanical pressure on the affected parts of the body, therefore allowing protective and effective drainage.

Manual lymph drainage
Manual lymph drainage is a physical form of therapy for the treatment of oedemas and stasis of swollen parts of the body, such as the legs. Due to gentle displacement and massage techniques, the lymph or congested tissue fluid is drained in the direction of the flow.

Thalgo cold bandage wraps
For the relief of heavy and swollen legs, the circulation of blood is stimulated using cold bandage wraps made of an activating solution of algae extract, camphor and menthol. This in turn stimulates the metabolism, trains the leg vessels and triggers intensive vessel aerobics. This transports the waste-products from the tissues and stimulates the supply of oxygen to the cells.

  • Removes water
  • Stimulates
  • Drains
  • Stimulates lymph activity.

This is ideal for application on swollen legs, particularly in the summer. The legs get a feeling of freshness and lightness.