The specialist medical practice for vascular surgery of Dr Seiter and colleagues in Stuttgart specialises in the diagnosis and treatment of venous and arterial diseases.

We provide top level, reliable and competent medical care using the latest technical equipment and individual operating measures. A special treatment plan is created for each case. This high medical claim does not just require the latest specialist knowledge, but also requires constant modernisation. Our organisation and equipment guarantee the highest quality of medical services.

The specialist medical practice is licensed by all funds for outpatient care and operations. With some legal health insurance companies (see extra treatment model) contracts already exist with special services for our patients. These contracts comprise the operative treatment of venous illnesses with all the necessary treatment stages, and aim to ensure optimum treatment for the patients.

Extra treatment models are in place with the following legal health insurance companies for the operative treatment of venous diseases

Individual treatment plan for patients with arterial circulatory disorders

Our case management for patients with circulatory disorders is a special treatment plan. The doctor at our medical practice acts as a “Case manager” for the patients. The doctor coordinates the treatment and supports the patients through the whole process, from the initial diagnosis, through the treatment to the follow-up check. The central planning and support ensure that each patient receives the ideal treatment for them.