Pudendal lateral branch varicosis

Pudendal lateral branch varicosis, also commonly called genital varicose veins, concerns veins expanded by varicosis, which normally occur following one or several pregnancies.

The affected women have a severe, continuing level of suffering, which often lasts for years (or even decades). A feeling or pain or stasis is felt during menstruation, which can often affect the whole leg on the affected side. There are disorders to the cohabitation situation or it simply just doesn’t look nice, which thereby affects the general well-being of the women in question equally..

Laser therapy for genital varicosis

Pudendal varicosis is difficult to reach for operative measures followed by compression treatment. The intravenous sclerotherapy is not a risk-free form of treatment.

The therapeutic gap is filled by laser therapy, whereby this was only made possible by the development of new laser techniques. To remove lateral branch varicosis, a new neodymium YAG laser is used. Normally, pudendal varicosis disappears as soon as it has been treated.

We have been successfully using this new laser technology since 2004. Due to the extremely satisfactory results, we believe that this laser treatment for pudendal varicosis is a very useful and promising form of therapy.