Where do heavy, swollen legs come from?

Heavy, swollen feet and ankles can have many causes. In any case a doctor has to clarify the underlying cause.

If it is a vein weakness, the oedema develops in the course of the day. If the vein valves are no longer closing properly, the blood flows back into the legs, collects there and exerts pressure on the vein wall, which sags and expands. This causes stasis complaints in the legs, which are manifested as a feeling of heaviness, tired legs and swellings. If left untreated, the vein weaknesses may sooner or later lead to serious complications (e.g. skin inflammation, vein inflammation or venous ulcers). As a result, early diagnosis is important, in particular with a hereditary predisposition.

An oedema should therefore be seen as an early warning sign of a vascular disease.

What helps counteract heavy, swollen legs?

Lots of exercise and wearing compression stockings are the key components of conservative therapy. Kneipp applications and Thalgo cold bandage wraps made of algae, camphor and menthol can help alleviate the complaints. If conservative treatment is not sufficient, there are other invasive treatment methods available.

Another cause can also be an illness of the lymphatic vessels. Due to lymphatic flow disorders there is an accumulation of tissue fluid causing permanently swollen legs.

Determine the cause of the oedema: diagnosis

Treatment of oedema: therapy