What is Aesthetic Phlebology?

Aesthetic phlebology is the study of how to achieve the best possible improvement in appearance of unsightly veins including but not limited to spider veins (teleangiectasia), prominent blue veins and varicose veins of the legs.

CLaCS - Cryo Laser Cryo Sclerotherapy

This is the main part of aesthetic phlebology. It requires an investment in technology and skills.
CLaCS is by far the most effective treatment of unsightly veins of the legs and includes the most advanced tools (augmented reality technology) to make the decisive feeder veins visible which  can not be identified by eye. These feeder veins are responsible for the unsightly veins and have to be removed to achieve a successful result. These procedures are performed under a certain cooling technique. The simultanous  sclerotherapy is using no chemical but biological fluids. Allergies can not occur.

Benefit for the patient
This advanced technology allows an individual therapy schedule for each constellation of leg veins. The normal day activities will not be disturbed.