The primary goal is to reduce the risk factors: smoking, high blood pressure, high blood fat and high blood sugar levels.

The treatment has to be started early to arrest the progression of the circulatory disorder for as long as possible. As this concerns a chronic illness, this means that treatment is necessary for the rest of the patient’s life.

With circulatory disorders of the legs, where invasive/operative treatment is no yet necessary due to the degree of the illness, intensive walking training is to be done to promote the recreation of small arterial vessels which could lead to a better blood supply in the affected leg. This treatment is supported by the intake of medicine to improve the blood flow. Normally this is an acetylsalicylic acid product (e.g. ASS, Aspirin 100).

A patient with circulatory disorders receives diagnostic support from the specialist clinic of Dr Seiter and is given conventional treatment as long as this is possible. If an operation is necessary, the doctor in charge shall take all the necessary steps and guide the patient through the whole course of treatment.

Invasive / operative treatment

With circulatory disorders with existing pronounced vascular constrictions and/or vascular obliteration, these constrictions can be expanded so that blood can flow through using so-called balloon dilatation (expansion of the affected arteries using a balloon catheter, PTA). In addition, it may be necessary to implement a stent into the affected artery for support.

In cases where catheter treatment is not sufficient, vascular surgery has to be performed such as a by-pass or the implant of artificial vessels.

Circulatory disorders can also cause damage within the arterial walls of the blood vessels, which can lead to a dent in the blood vessels (aneurysm). In the worst case, this aneurysm can rupture and thereby become a life-threatening illness. The treatment of these blood vessel aneurysms by stabilisation and elimination measures, which can be done both with the help of catheter technology as well as vascular surgery operations.

Individual treatment concept of patients with circulatory disorders

The specialist medical practice of Dr Seiter offers its patients a special training concept of existing circulatory disorders. The doctor at our medical practice acts as a “Case manager” for the patients. The doctor coordinates the treatment and supports the patients through the whole process, from the initial diagnosis, through the treatment to the follow-up check. The central planning and support ensure that each patient receives the ideal treatment for them.